Triplicity by Craft | Doughnut Lovers Unite: 10 Spots to Enjoy Our Favorite Pastry
Rani Craft Robinson shares 10 spots to sample amazing doughnuts around the country, including recommendations from a few friends.
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Doughnut Lovers Unite: 10 Spots to Enjoy Our Favorite Pastry

Do you remember the first time you had a doughnut? I remember my first time: All Saints Episcopal Church fellowship hall in Washington, DC just outside Chevy Chase Circle. My mother and I attended All Saints almost every Sunday (Dad was usually traveling for work). I was never one who liked Sunday School, but what I did like about going to church was the doughnuts at the end of service in the fellowship hall. For those folks who are/were church-goers, you might recall fellowship gatherings, which were held after the service to welcome visitors and for the congregation to say hi to one another and wish each other well for the coming week. Nowadays, fellowship gatherings seem to lack a very vital ingredient: … doughnuts. Big, beautiful glazed ones that smell like a confectioner’s shop.

I’ve noticed that my doughnut craving has intensified in the past several years. I attribute this to Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken in Washington DC, Duck Donuts in Duck, North Carolina (the original spot) and recently, Makers Donuts in Knoxville, TN. It is true love. I  am embarrassed to say that but also proud. I’ve been able to keep my cravings at arms length and not fall head over heels into an overdose of sugar, flour, eggs, etc. … you understand.

Here are several of my favorite doughnut spots and I’ve included a few recommendations from my friends on Instagram and Facebook.

Enjoy, doughnut lovers!

Butlers Orchard, MD

My happy place. @ButlersOrchard Caramel apples. Apple Cider Donuts. Giant slides. Corn maze. What’s not to love?!?!? 🙂

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Nana’s Donuts, Charleston, SC


Voodoo Doughnuts, Portland, OR


Glory Hole Donuts, Vancouver

Also, check out @blogTO’s Tweet on how Glory Hole Donuts are made:

Now, a few favorites from my friends.

handbagreportI ❤ @astrodoughnuts! Not sure which is my fave…the maple bacon is delish!


diningtraveler@sugarshackdmv in VA!


ellengilchristI love top pot in Seattle. Don’t have a favorite there. I like to eat them all. 😊


karlitapamanesHot glazed from Krispy Kreme 😋


Veleisa Patton Burrell I love Hypnotic Donuts here in Dallas. They have vegan donuts!


Kemberley Robinson Chaffold Plain. Donut holes too. From Shipley’s (Houston)

Rani Robinson

Hello, I’m Rani Craft Robinson. I’m a writer and photographer, who enjoys the simple pleasures of travel and eating good food. I love spending time with my three children doing arts and crafts, being outside and eating Indian food.

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