Triplicity by Craft | How to Do San Francisco in 24 Hours (or Less) With A Baby
Rani Craft Robinson tells you what to see and do in San Francisco, with a baby, with less than 24 hours.
San Francisco with kids
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San Francisco

How to Do San Francisco in 24 Hours (or Less) With A Baby

When duty calls, mother’s RISE to the occasion. I knew that a quick trip to San Francisco wasn’t going to be peaceful, and worry free, unless I brought my 7-month-old along for the ride; mostly because I was nursing, and didn’t have enough milk to leave behind. The trip was a quick one because I had the incredible honor of speaking at the inaugural Good Travels event that took place in San Francisco on Saturday, July 15, 2017. Good Travels seeks to bridge the gap between the humanitarians, conservationists, and scientists and the rest of the world (you).

I spoke on The Power to Educate the Next Generation through a Cultural and Travel lens. Soon enough, I’ll write a blog post on that very topic but in the meantime, check out my Instagram and that of for a recap on the amazing night.


So how do you do San Francisco in 24 hours or less with a baby? Slowly. Time was limited, so here are 4 things I made sure to do, and I can easily say, after not having visited San Francisco in over 15 years (!!!),  I left feeling satisfied (slightly). I’ll be back and next time, to Russian River for Auto Camp. Oh yes. It’s a thing. A very cool thing.

Golden Gate Bridge

Day 1

My son, my sitter (someone had to watch the baby boy while I spoke at Good Travels!!) and I, arrived in San Francisco around 1 pm and by the time we received our luggage and arrived at Zeppelin Hotel off of Post Street, it was 3 pm. We had a little bit of an issue with a broken stroller, so we were delayed getting into the hotel. Lesson learned? Even when the nice ladies at the airline ticket counter say it’s okay to check the stroller at the ticket counter, DON’T. As a mother of 3, I should have known better but I don’t remember the last time I traveled with the kids and even needed a stroller. Thank God I had the Ergobaby carrier. Now, onto Day 1.

Walk Along Post Avenue and Grant Avenue


Minted’s first retail shop on Grant Avenue

You’ll pass hundreds of shops, restaurants and the ever popular Union Square that’s great for resting your feet and people watching. I discovered that has a brand new shop that’s just opened up on Grant Avenue and Post Street. It’s A-Dorable! Walk in and take a nice break from the busy streets.

My little boy enjoyed riding in the Ergobaby carrier, facing outward, checking out his new surroundings.




From Grant Avenue, walk toward Dragon Gate and keep walking until you’ve passed all of the tourist “trap” souvenirs. Walk until you’ve hit Sacramento Street. Just a little past Sacramento Street, on the right side, is Snow Garden. The food was incredibly fresh. I saw the one chef in the back, chopping up chives, ginger and more. I ordered the vegetarian fried rice (minus egg), which tasted incredible. It made me wonder what I had been eating back in Maryland and Washington, DC, all those years. The vegetarian egg rolls were also amazing. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. Did I say, fresh?

When I ate, my son did too. I packed lots of Earths Best Organic pureed sweet potatoes and butternut squash for the trip. I brought my own too, but I knew it wasn’t going to last.

Day 2


Ferry Building Farmers Market


The Ferry Building Marketplace is always open but the farmers market is only Saturday (8 a.m. to 2 pm), Tuesday (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and Thursday, (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and it is NOT to be missed. It was a long walk from our hotel, so we walked to Market Street and took one of the historic 1912 trolley cars, which stopped directly in front of the market. The market is a favorite among locals and of course visitors to San Fran. Hopefully you catch the market on a gorgeous summer day like we did. The farmers were out in droves: fresh peaches, plums, tomatoes, speciality items like goat cheese, watermelon water, dark chocolate chip cookies topped with salt … need I go on? Oh wait. Yes. I should! Once you’ve had enough of the outside market, please don’t miss inside of the Ferry Building where the marketplace has a ton more vendors including the Prather Ranch Meat and Co. Honest to goodness folks, Prather’s was recommended by 2 San Francisco locals and they did not steer me wrong. I had the best breakfast sandwich of my life: fried egg, cured bacon, cheese and avocado spread on an amazing fresh bun. Just look.

Walt Disney Family Museum


The Walt Disney Family Museum was chosen for a few reasons: 1) it was out of the city, 2) we needed to see the Golden Gate Bridge, 3) who doesn’t love Disney? and 4) Presidio of San Francisco is beautiful! We took an Uber out to the museum for a quick history lesson on Walt Disney’s upbringing, his humble beginnings and how the Walt Disney empire came to be. The tour included original drawings of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and even how Walt Disney’s first character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, was stolen from him!

Inside the museum is a coffee shop where you can grab a quick bite, a memorabilia shop, restrooms and additional rooms to screen movies and take drawing lessons (I spied on a group of folks learning how to trace).

Once you’re done, head outside and gaze at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island in the distance or lounge on one of the many red law chairs, especially if it’s a gorgeous day.

Once we were done at the family museum, it was time to go. Duty called for this mother, so it was back to the hotel. There are countless restaurants in San Francisco to choose from but for child friendly options, check out 20 Especially Chid-Friendly San Francisco Restaurants by

Have you traveled to San Francisco with your little ones? What were your favorite places? 

Rani Robinson

Hello, I’m Rani Craft Robinson. I’m a writer and photographer, who enjoys the simple pleasures of travel and eating good food. I love spending time with my three children doing arts and crafts, being outside and eating Indian food.

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