Triplicity by Craft | No Road Trip with the Kids is Complete Without These 4 Activities
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No Road Trip with the Kids is Complete Without These 4 Activities

I grew up doing a lot of road trips with my parents – mostly to the beach – so naturally , I’m doing the same with my kids. To grandmother’s house we go (in Charleston, SC), and back and forth from Knoxville, TN, to the DMV area (DC, Maryland and Virginia) visiting family and friends.  I was an only child growing up (my half-sister being a decade older than me), so the fun times in the car didn’t exist. It was mostly me sleeping and reading…. Boring! But not now. No Ma’am.

I have 3 little ones, all under the age of 6, so keeping them entertained after the coloring gets boring and they’ve watched enough of PBS Kids, Nick Jr and Netflix Kids on the iPad, is a must. Road trips with my 3 little ones aren’t complete without these 4, very simple, activities.

Music. Lots of Music!

We came late to The Laurie Berkner Band party but we have arrived! Better late than never. Our favorite songs are We Are the Dinosaurs, (currently on heavy rotation), Bumble Bee (Buzz Buzz) and The Goldfish. My 5 and 3-year-old can’t get enough of singing these songs outloud. Laurie’s simple lyrics, kid-friendly beats, make it easy for the kids to learn the songs. They were pros after I hit repeat only like… 5 times. Haha.


I Spy

Some car games will never get old and I Spy is one of them. Living in Tennessee vs. Maryland has been visually, pretty exciting. If we’re not traveling north then we’re headed east  (I-40 E to I-26 E) to the South Carolina coastline, which requires driving over the Appalachian Mountains. The drive offers many opportunities to play I Spy with the beautiful mountains, colorful landscape, trucks, cars and all kinds of colorful signage up ahead to play with (Caution Rock Slides, Rest Stops, Zip Lining, WhiteWater Rafting and more)

Look, COWS!

Driving north is gorgeous. After we leave Tennessee’s I-40 E and hit I-81 N in Virginia, the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” really comes alive. To be honest, all I ever want to do is stop on the side of the road and pick wildflowers (something my Grandmother Winnie use to do <<< major greenthumb), take pictures of the gorgeous red barns and have my kids say, “Moooooo” at the hundreds of Black Angus, Herefords and Holstein Friesians dairy cows (In 2010,  I visited Montana and learned a thing or two about cows. :-))


I found the perfect rest stop recently, at a gas station, but on either side of the road were beautiful meadows and 2 barns – loaded with cows. We took advantage of the stop to stretch our legs and say hello.


What’s that cloud?

Last but not least, a road trip isn’t complete without guessing what shape, character or animal you see in the clouds. This activity is my personal favorite. I love to see my kids’ imagination come alive.


What are your favorite activities to do with the kids on road trips? I know 4 isn’t a lot but since my children are still young (5 and under), I have some time to build the activity list. Ha. Send me ideas! I’ll need them. 🙂

Also, check out the Facebook Live I did with the Travel Channel crew.

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Hello, I’m Rani Craft Robinson. I’m a writer and photographer, who enjoys the simple pleasures of travel and eating good food. I love spending time with my three children doing arts and crafts, being outside and eating Indian food.

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