Triplicity by Craft | Remembering and Celebrating 4 for the 4th of July
Rani Robinson recalls the significance of the number 4 in her life on July 4th.
4th of July
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Remembering and Celebrating 4 for the 4th

Remembering and Celebrating 4 for the 4th

Life is funny. There are signs that show themselves at the strangest times. When I was growing up, I frequented a restaurant with my family in Washington, DC, that’s now long gone. But they had an appetizer dish called Four, Four and 4: fried chicken fingers, fried zucchini, french fries (I believe… it’s been awhile) and fried okra. It was so darn good. After eating all that, I didn’t need an entree.

Remembering that amazing dish, led me to think about another special occasion that’s coming up.

On July 4, 2017, I will celebrate not only this country’s Independence but my son’s 4th birthday on the 4th! He’s as Independent as our Nation. He doesn’t need someone to always play with him. But he’s quick to make friends on the playground when he’s ready: from the smallest ant to the tiniest human. I saw him befriend a one-year-old one day. It was the cutest thing. My independent son, loves nature, especially the water. I’m still amazed how he can swim in it and play with it, for hours and still say to me, “Mommy, I’m not ready yet,” when I tell him it’s time to go home.

I love this little guy.

It also dawned on me that today it’s been 4 months since I launched Triplicity by Craft, which most recently has showcased myself and my brood of 3 traveling quite a bit. If you’re doing your math that equals 4 (Joelle, Harrison, William and Mommy).

***** Drum roll***** Good Morning!! I’m so happy to finally introduce to you all, Triplicity by Craft (link in bio). My new lifestyle blog ‘for She who travels, captures and eats well.’ I’ll officially sharing all my passions – travel, photography and food – in one place. It’s by me, for me and for you. As a working mother of 3 and a creative person, it’s important to have an outlet (a hobby or otherwise), where you can be YOU, and have fun at the same time… Which reminds me …👉You’ll want to Subscribe to be the first to know how to snag a t-shirt with this 👆 adorable logo!! Thank you, Jena @aspoonfuloffaith More t-shirt design’s coming soon!!! My travels these days consist of family travel but solo trips are on the horizon. There is a fun ‘Then and Now’ personal reflection on my first trip to Paris. My Senegal recap is also coming soon. My passion for photography runs deep, so there’s lots of photography-inspired posts and more on the way. Lastly, y’all know how much I love food, donuts especially. Need I say more?💁 😂😊👆 Tag your foodie friends, travelers and photographers (Yes, iPhone and Android users count! 😘), repost this, share, share, share! Thank you so much!! 💜 . . . #Triplicity #triplicitybycraft #travel #traveltuesday #solotravel #photography #food #foodie #blogHer #lifestyleblog #writer #mompreneur #familytravel #solotrips #donuts #donutloversunite #doughnutlove #photographer #aspoonfuloffaith #mothercreative

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First stop on our tour of Greenville, SC, was The Nose Dive restaurant. Their Saturday brunch was so good. We had a great view of the Farmers Market and look who we “ran” into: Grandma!! My mother just so happens to be celebrating a birthday today too. Happy birthday, Mom! My apologies for not being able to capture the scrumptious Fried Chicken and Waffles or the avocado toast that we ordered but I was able to capture the grits!! I am a self-proclaimed food snob when it comes to grits. I blame it on my parents’ Southern upbringing. And get this .. surprise, surprise … The assortment of toppings at the Grits Bar included Tikka Masala sauce! 🙌🙌🙌 They recieved serious kudos from this Indian food lover for that. Nicely done! #yesthatgreenville #greenvillesc

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I don’t usually talk about signs and wonders, but COME ON! LOL

Happy 4th of July, Everyone.


Rani Robinson

Hello, I’m Rani Craft Robinson. I’m a writer and photographer, who enjoys the simple pleasures of travel and eating good food. I love spending time with my three children doing arts and crafts, being outside and eating Indian food.

  • Staci
    Posted at 19:42h, 30 June Reply

    Happy 4th to you and the clan and Happy Birthday to Harrison! Congratulations on 4 months! I love, love, love your blog!! Can we chat soon, please! xoxo

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