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"For She who travels, captures and eats well." - Triplicity by Craft is a collection of travel stories and tips, inspirational photography and thoughts about it, plus food memoirs by creator and writer Rani Craft Robinson.
travel, food, photography
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Triplicity by Craft Shop

SHOP Triplicity by Craft

GAME CHANGER, FOLKS! Game changer!

After so much delay, due to unforeseen roadblocks called LIFE, I have finally regrouped and am ready to launch the Triplicity by Craft SHOP. This has been a labor of love since before I launched in April 2017.

I fell in love with my illustrated logo by the wonderful Jena Holliday of Spoonful of Faith. Once Jena gave me the final logo my wheels started to turn. I knew instantly that I wanted to break apart the logo, and make it a product that I could be proud of, wear and sell to others who have the same passions as mine: travel, food and photography.

I’m so happy to finally introduce to you all the Triplicity by Craft SHOP! You can purchase T-shirts, canvas bags, and mugs. There is plenty more to come, including an exciting promotion with 100cameras – coming in November! Until then, think about the foodie/doughnut lover, traveler or the photographer in your life that would love to rock some of this gear. My hope is that they will be as giddy and as happy as myself to wear the Triplicity by Craft brand.

All the best,


Rani Robinson

Hello, I’m Rani Craft Robinson. I’m a writer and photographer, who enjoys the simple pleasures of travel and eating good food. I love spending time with my three children doing arts and crafts, being outside and eating Indian food.

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